New Chinese furniture keeping pace with the times

Time: 2019-11-14
Summary: The new Chinese style combines the advantages of Chinese elements and modern design. The essence of the new Chinese style is that the ancient Chinese style of inner restraint and stability is the starting point. It can not only embody the traditional Chinese charm, but also have modern design and new ideas.
Characteristics of new Chinese style
The cultural background of the characteristics of the new Chinese style.

The so-called immutable is inseparable from its ancestors. Any style interpretation has its specific cultural background as support, so as to convey people's life pursuit in a specific cultural atmosphere. Then the new Chinese style is based on the Chinese traditional classical culture. It creates a very romantic living space in China, such as mahogany, blue and white porcelain, teapot with purple sand and some mahogany crafts, which all reflect the strong oriental beauty, which is the difference between the new Chinese style and other styles. This style of minimalism has permeated the eastern Chinese civilization for thousands of years. It is not only timeless, but also exudes charming oriental charm as time goes on.
The spatial level of new Chinese style.

The new Chinese style pays great attention to the sense of level and jumping of space. Where it is necessary to isolate the view, Chinese screens, window frames, Chinese wooden doors, technological partitions, and simplified Chinese "antique frames" are used. Through this new way of separation, the unit house shows the beauty of Chinese style home. With some simple modeling as the basis, Chinese elements are added to make the overall space more abundant, large but not empty, thick but not heavy, with style and not depressing.
The whole line of new Chinese style features.

The new Chinese design emphasizes the simple and smooth lines, and integrates the refined consciousness. The biggest difference with traditional Chinese furniture is that although it has the charm of traditional elements, it is not blindly copied. Symbolic elements in traditional culture, such as Chinese knot, landscape calligraphy and painting, blue and white porcelain, flowers, Ruyi, auspicious animals, "Hui" pattern, wave shape, etc., often appear in New Chinese furniture. But the modeling is more concise and smooth, and the carving pattern will be concise and complex, which not only reveals a strong natural flavor, but also reflects the exquisite craftsmanship.
The practicality of the new Chinese style.

Some people think that Chinese furniture is not good-looking and easy to use, especially in terms of seats, some of the lines of the Ming style seats are too horizontal and vertical, and it is difficult to fit the curve of the waist and back of the human body. The back of the Qing style seat is intricate and carved, which makes people feel uncomfortable. But the new Chinese furniture has made great reform in this respect. For example, the armrest, back rest, chair back and seat plate of the sofa are integrated into the scientific ergonomic design, with rigorous structure and lines. The padding of the cushion part of the sofa is soft, and the back part is hard. In addition, the special waist pillow fits the curve of the human body and is more humanized.

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