The timeless classic combination of fashion office furniture -- black and white

Time: 2019-11-13
Summary: Miss Chanel said, "black is everything, and so is white. Their beauty is impeccable and absolutely harmonious. Integrate these two harmonious classic colors into office furniture to create a classic office space.
After the prosperity of the world, I have seen the colorful world, but at last I am left with a touch of black and white in my heart, just like the Chinese ink painting, the vast mountains and rivers that are not obvious but are contained.
The exhibition space on the first floor is like a ribbon extending along the external structure of the building, with simple black and white space color, quiet and delicate. Visitors are introduced to another world through a vivid and diverse path, a unique office space full of unique charm.
This elegant exhibition hall is like a stage with great personality, displaying the innovative design of office furniture every time. The black background wall is a finished decorative panel decorated with fabric fabric, which is convenient for future replacement. The black background wall constitutes the theme of the space and defines the space area. In addition to the display here is also used for product release and various activities, so the decorative board has sound-absorbing function.
Often black and white collocation, always need a bright spot that stands out. Here, the office chair furniture in the reception area has become the highlight of the office space. And the classic white marble floor tile and white ceiling design, ingenious combination can reflect a large area of light.

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