How to distinguish whether office furniture is green?

Time: 2019-11-11
Summary: People's health concept is higher and higher, so the green environmental protection of office furniture has become an important indicator. Is that office furniture really green? How to distinguish?
formaldehyde adhesive will generally emit a strong irritant smell. Inferior furniture can show its original shape with a slight smell of the nose. On the contrary, if it is "zero formaldehyde" furniture, especially cabinet furniture, open the cabinet door, there will be a light grass fragrance with the nose, which is also the most convenient way to distinguish whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard.
that is to say, by observing the appearance of furniture with naked eyes, we need to understand the manufacturing process of panel furniture. The panels used in panel furniture mainly include particleboard, density board, plywood and other man-made panels. The production of these man-made panels is usually to treat the wood into sawdust first, then add adhesive, and process the sawdust into boards by high-temperature extrusion and other ways. Therefore, this kind of furniture is easy to exceed the standard of formaldehyde, presenting irregular structure and texture of non wood origin in appearance.
listen with your ears. Many board furniture looks like wood. The quality of the material is indistinguishable. But the back board is made of three plywood, which is very thin in thickness. You may as well use your hands to listen to the sound. If the sound is crisp and obviously shaken, it is inferior board.
that is to observe the section and edge of the board, which is different from the particle structure of particleboard (particle board), or the fine and smooth section structure of density board (MDF), "zero formaldehyde" board will present a unique compact lamellar structure on the cross section. Therefore, when the furniture is placed and assembled, consumers are also easier to observe and identify through the cross-section of the hole and groove. The formaldehyde emission from the edge of wood-based panel is the most serious. According to the furniture standard, the edge of wood-based panel furniture must be sealed. If you feel that the furniture has an irritant smell, you should open all drawers and cupboards to let the free formaldehyde in the furniture be emitted as soon as possible.
The furniture factory shall provide the certificate of raw material inspection to see whether the materials purchased by the manufacturer are qualified, and check the source of furniture materials.
If you are still not sure, you should apply to the relevant quality inspection department for inspection.
Good office furniture is not only a problem of customized specifications, but also a real compliance with the national standard of green environmental protection. Green office furniture is more in line with the requirements of safety, health, comfort and efficiency, and strive to improve the ornamental value and cultural connotation of products.

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