How to choose the right office chair?
Seat height adjustment.
when you are sitting in a comfortable chair that meets your working height, you should make sure that your legs can be placed flat on the ground or on the pedal of the chair. Most of the chairs have a pressing shaft that can adjust the height of the seat. You can use the pressing handle to lift and lower the seat easily.
Chair back height adjustment.
a good chair can adjust the appropriate height with the curvature of your lower back spine.
Seat angle adjustment.
in different positions, a chair can adjust the forward tilt angle to match your physical activity and provide you with the correct sitting posture, which can reduce the pressure on your legs.
Adjustment of chair back angle.
the adjustment of chair back angle can help you to change your back position to reduce back pressure. The pneumatic chair back angle adjustment chair can also help you support your back muscles.
Seat and back rotation adjustment.
but your seat can be changed according to your sitting posture, which can help you reduce work fatigue. For example, when you call or have a meeting, the rotation and back tilt of the chair seat and back chair can help you relax the pressure on your work.
Adjustable height handrail.
if you have to use the computer for a long time, you must consider adjustable height handrail to provide you with more correct and comfortable working posture.
Seat recline locking.
Although you may not be used to the sitting position of seat recline locking at first, you need to use the computer for a long time. Locking the seat recline position can help your lower back have a greater angle to move, and reduce the pressure of the spine.
Sliding wheelchair.
the sliding of the chair wheel can help you move quickly within the appropriate range.
Firmness and durability.
office chair is a kind of instrument that can be used continuously for a long time. Many brands of products look beautiful when they are newly purchased. However, after one and a half years of application, there will be functional failure, unstable chair body shaking, loose screws and other phenomena, which will affect the company's image, staff working mood and efficiency. Therefore, when choosing and deciding which brand of office chair to use, it is necessary to consider the warranty period provided.

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