Do your products meet the environmental protection standards?
According to the environmental protection standard of our country, according to the concept of formaldehyde emission limit, the formaldehyde limit level in the board is divided into three levels.
E2≤5.0mg/L,E1≤1.5mg/L,E0≤0.5mg/L In our country, the plate can meet the E2 level standard, that is, E2, E1 and E0 level plate can be called environmental protection plate. However, due to the improvement of consumer's environmental protection awareness, E1 level or even E0 level plate is more common on the market now. Although there are many standard grades and a wide range of application for environmental protection board, consumers still can't fully trust this standard environmental protection board because it can't release formaldehyde completely.
The E0 standard allows formaldehyde in environmental protection boards, but it cannot exceed 0.5mg/l, which is the maximum upper limit; the lower limit should be the maximum content of formaldehyde in environmental protection wood itself (the formaldehyde content in wood itself is generally 0.12mg/l-0.04mg / L), that is to say, the lower limit is 0.12mg/l. Formaldehyde can't be released, so it makes consumers hesitate. Anyway, this standard environmental protection plate is much more than the previous standard environmental protection plate, which is very gratifying.
"Zero formaldehyde" means that there is no aldehyde in the material selection, and no aldehyde is produced in the production reaction process; it does not bring any pollution and harm to the production personnel. From this definition, "zero formaldehyde" environmental protection plate: the free aldehyde in the plate is less than or equal to the formaldehyde content of wood itself (generally 0.04mg/l-0.12mg / L). "Zero formaldehyde" environmental protection plate is not the same as E0, "zero formaldehyde" environmental protection plate is one level higher than E0 in principle.

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