How to analyze the development trend of furniture industry in 2019?
Current situation analysis
      Chinese element products are still the mainstream of the market
From the perspective of this year's exhibition and market, more than 60% of the products are based on Chinese elements, including Chinese style furniture and some localized western style furniture, such as Nordic style. The market share of European and American style furniture has been sharply reduced. After a few years of silence, modern simplicity in Italy began to recover this year. However, it is not mature enough to form a new leading role in the market. At the same time, the new modern Italian minimalist style furniture products are obviously influenced by Chinese culture. Many products have obvious Chinese elements, such as Chinese minimalism and Oriental new aesthetics. Minimalist style and other products. Influenced by modern furniture design ideas, Chinese style furniture mainly evolves in three directions in the market: first, Chinese classicality, second, modern Chinese style, and third, Chinese neoclassicality. This kind of evolution appeared a few years ago, and now it becomes more and more clear.
       The penetration rate of customized furniture is further improved
There are many aspects of the penetration of customized furniture in the future. One is that the domestic market layout of large-scale customized furniture enterprises has been basically completed and they have begun to dig into the market. With the listing of these large-scale customized enterprises and the intervention of capital market, the market layout of customized large-scale brand enterprises has rapidly penetrated into the level of inland villages and towns, and the market penetration will be deeper and more complete in the future. The second is the rapid development of high-end customization, forming a new competitive pattern and multiple penetration of the market. In addition, models such as large-scale soft decoration mechanism, assembly platform and Internet home decoration platform gradually mature, and began to copy the urban operation platform model in China, further increasing the penetration of customization. Of course, there are many other aspects, such as the development of the emerging furniture industry base in the mainland, the expansion of the original small and medium-sized customized furniture enterprises in the city and so on.
                 Smart home becomes a new competitive power
In the field of smart home, it has been regarded as a "talking on paper" for many years. However, with the mature application of AI technology and other technologies, the update of hardware and software, the centralized control of multi equipment interconnection in the industrial chain has been realized, the vertical stage of the industrial chain of smart home has been completed, and smart home will be a new competitive force, forming a new furniture market model. Competition pattern.
  Hardbound house affects the competition pattern of furniture industry
Furniture industry, home decoration industry, including many design institutions have a large number of human and material resources to invest in the hardbound room home market. Since this year, there have been many teams working on the hardbound room bag occupancy project looking for furniture enterprise cooperation. Many enterprises turn their future development focus to this, and the support for the original franchised chain stores is decreasing. Some large furniture enterprises may have chain reaction because of close cooperation with real estate enterprises, so they will do more and more. The survival of small and medium-sized enterprises is more and more difficult, and the market pattern of furniture industry has been greatly impacted. The obvious case is that Evergrande group, together with Sofia, Qumei, Xilinmen and other well-known furniture enterprises, has jointly established Evergrande home furnishing Industrial Park to provide household products for Evergrande hardbound house. What's more, in order to provide furniture for new buildings, large-scale real estate enterprises directly go to the factory to purchase. The amount of a purchase order is more than 100 million, which makes more furniture enterprises blush, thus making adjustments and changes in the production and marketing mode. In the era of hardbound housing, real estate enterprises intervene in the home furnishing market, which has a great impact on the furniture industry.
                 Mode innovation turns to technology innovation
The transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry has lasted for many years and has been seeking innovation in business model. However, since the second half of 2018, all kinds of models, such as o2o e-commerce model, soft decoration design platform sharing model, diversified channel construction, whole decoration platform, Internet home decoration platform, have either become mature, finalized or disappeared, and the model innovation has basically ended. In the future, technological innovation , technology application will be favored by more people.Technological innovation and application are sought after.
                Influence of imported furniture on Chinese market
In 2018, a large number of international brands entered the Chinese market. No matter whether domestic enterprises are purchasing or acting, they are stepping up market layout and penetration. After one year, they will show results in 2019.
At the same time, because of the rising cost of domestic furniture manufacturing, many enterprises not only invest abroad, but also purchase a lot of furniture. Especially in Southeast Asia, many furniture enterprises turn their new consumption market target to China. At the same time, furniture enterprises transferred from China to Southeast Asia will also have a large number of re sales. On the one hand, domestic furniture enterprises purchase a large number of finished furniture and sell it to the domestic market. On the other hand, furniture enterprises that transferred from the past in the early stage of China turn to China under the fierce competition in the export market, and a large number of products will be sold to China through various channels.
Industrial transfer investment landing
In recent years, the furniture industry has been transferred from the outside to the inside, and many new home furnishing industry bases have been formed in the mainland, with large scale, small scale and slow construction speed. Under the strict requirements of environmental protection in the past one or two years and the sharp rise of manufacturing costs in coastal areas, enterprises are more urgent for the transfer, and industrial transfer investment has been implemented. Many new industrial bases will be basically completed by next year. The new Industrial Park began to work.
                           Fierce competition in domestic market
The growth of domestic furniture market is more in the inland town and county markets, which are divided by a few large enterprises and local small enterprises whose channels sink to the bottom. Most furniture enterprises are concentrated in the first, second and third line market competition. In fact, from the perspective of this year's market, the consumption of the first tier cities is shrinking, especially with the competition of various channels, etc., the competition in the domestic furniture market next year will be more fierce, the large enterprises will operate cautiously, and the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises will be more difficult.